When should I seek help of a design professional?

When you are contemplating buying or building a new house… When you plan a major addition to your home… When you consider restoring an old manor When you want to renovate or remodel your living space… Whenever you need to relate interior design considerations to an existing or as yet to be formulated architectural plan. When your lifestyle is about to change, such as working from your home…

Why should i seek service of interior design?

Because their knowledge, expertise, and guidance can help prevent costly mistakes. Because they know how to work with architects and contractors… they have established contact with skilled trades people, and… they supervise your project to completion, smoothly and on time. Because a professional will save you countless hours of shopping, after all… they have access to a wide range of domestic and foreign resources. Because they can help you define and enhance your own distinctive style. Because interior designers can make the most of what you have and do the required research to find what you need.

What do i have to do with a designer?

Think about what your likes and dislikes are. Look through magazines or books and ear mark them Have them ready to show the designer at the first consultation. FOCUS: Within each room, pick one or two of your favorite pieces or room "elements. these pieces may be furniture, lamps, artwork, rugs, or maybe it's the wall color it's important to keep your rooms free from clutter. Keep the pieces that really mean something to you, and discard the rest.

What is the meaning of To The Trade?

The phrase "To the Trade" means that Design Centers or Show Rooms distribute their products exclusively through the services of interior design professionals, rather then selling directly to the public.

What should I ask at the first meeting?

Ask to see the interior designer's portfolio, but remember that illustrations reflect other people's tastes NOT the designer's,and probably not your own. Ask what size projects the interior designer has worked on, where, and what the budget range was. Ask how the established budget will be handled, and the kind of payment schedules the designer requires. Ask about the types of service the designer can provide. Ask for a list of references.

What is your Fee Schedule?

Space planning, rendering, concepts and working drawings Design of custom window treatments, shades or blinds Preparation of estimates and purchasing Subsequent consultations with the client and suppliers Researching sources for materials or products.

What are the Final Selections?

The Final Selections are color, furniture, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, accessories, brings all of these elements together, with your finalized plan, with an extensive supply of resources from around the world, we select the materials and finishes that best represent you.